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What is Don’t Climb Alone?

Think of the DCA series as spiritual exercise for your soul. Exercise isn’t always fun, but it ALWAYS leads to better results.

Don’t climb alone is a way for people to interact with God’s word on a regular basis in a way that will challenge them and help them grow – both individually and as a community

The Story Behind Don’t Climb Alone

It all started with a blank piece of paper and a simple question, “How can we better disciple our students?” A group made up of adults, students, parents, and leaders got together to create a plan for discipleship for their high school ministry. The blank paper awaited direction. After dif- ferent ideas, one came to the forefront and was deemed worthy to be written down on the page: Reading the bible regularly.

They united on a simple goal: getting students to read the Bible regularly throughout the week. Rather than focusing on the weekend program as the primary learning environment, the weekend “program” would became a support for students engaging God’s Word throughout the week.

Next, the work began to figure out not only a plan to do this, but also a method to help motivate them. Students of all motivation levels were represented in their ministry, from those with no interest in spiritual growth to those highly interested and motivated and everywhere in between. Some were raised to know the Bible, and others weren’t. “How can we reach them all?” they wondered.

After much consideration and planning, Don’t Climb Alone was born. There ministry to students would never be the same. Ten+ years and thousands of students later, this group found satisfaction in seeing students lives changed through the power of regularly engaging in God’s Word.

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