Absurd Holiday Games – Vol 1


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All of us in youth ministry know that major holidays bring out the child in all of us—and often bring out our childish side, too.

But what about all those other holidays on the calendar? You know—events like National Pizza Month, or National Flashlight Day, or National Scoop the Poop Week? Isn’t it about time we pause to celebrate those moments, too?

Absolutely! And that’s what Absurd Holiday Games is all about—10 hilarious, interactive games that offer your students the maximum dose of absurdity allowed by the FDA. Check out all the peculiar holidays you’ll be able to celebrate:

  • National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (January)
  • National Eat Your Jell-O Week (February)
  • What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day (March)
  • National Scoop the Poop Week (May)
  • National Waiter & Waitress Day (May)
  • National Duct Tape Days (June)
  • Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day (July)
  • National Pizza Month (October)
  • National Sandwich Day (November)
  • National Flashlight Day (December)

Sprinkle these games into your schedule over the course of a year—or use them in one high-powered dose of absurdity for your students. Either way, these games will entertain your teenagers and help create an atmosphere of fun in your ministry!

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