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Stuff You Can Use is a resource and blog site that’s here to put tons of ready-to-use youth ministry resources in your hands.

All resources on Stuff You Can Use are created by pastors, leaders, volunteers, designers, and creatives in Student Ministry and Children’s Ministry – people who are passionate about sharing and giving their stuff with the rest of the Church.

We know ministry is tough. It’s crazy, it’s busy, it’s draining, it’s hard, and we rarely have the time or the resources to accomplish everything we’d like to do. So it’s our hope that some of the ideas, resources, and tools you find here at Stuff You Can Use can make your life in ministry a little easier – without putting a strain on your budget.

Stuff You Can Use is here to inspire and incite greater unity and partnership within the Body of Christ – it’s a platform for the Church to share with each other the very best of our ideas, tools, and resources.

Because we’re one Church. And we need each other.

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