Have you created a super cool resource or tool you think would be helpful to other Student or Children’s Ministries? Do you want to share the super cool resource with the world? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Stuff You Can Use is here to provide high-quality FREE and affordable resources for Student and Children’s Ministry.
  • If you choose to become a contributor for Stuff You Can Use, you may provide your resources for free, or for an affordable price. Whichever you choose, we ask that you price nothing higher than $10.
  • While our contributors can choose their own price points for their products (free or under $10), we ask that at least 50% of every contributor’s resources are made available for available for free – starting with your first contribution. After all, what better way to introduce yourself to the community than to give something away for free!
  • As a contributor, you will receive a sales commission of 75%. That means every time one of your products sells, 75% of the transaction goes directly to you.
  • Contributors will receive their commission checks at the end of each month.

Got questions? Email Kenny at