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We do! We’re Kenny and Elle Campbell. We live in Buffalo, NY. We like each other, so we got married. Then we decided to do ministry together. And now life is extra fun.

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 We really like making new friends, so let’s connect!

When we’re not working on Stuff You Can Use, we also do Middle School Ministry at The Chapel… and we’re pretty sure we have the best jobs ever.



We know ministry is tough. It’s crazy, it’s busy, it’s draining, it’s hard, and we rarely have the time or the resources to accomplish everything we’d like to do. So it’s our hope that some of the ideas, resources, and tools you find here at Stuff You Can Use can make your life in ministry a little easier – without putting a strain on your budget.

Why? Because we think the Church needs a little help in the “unity” department.

We’re big believers in the fact that we are one Church, one Body, all called to join God on the same Mission. But we also know that we can only accomplish that mission when our churches and organizations decide to stop competing with each other, and start helping each other instead. 

We want to see the Church live up to Jesus’ vision – that we would be one. Some people might not think it’s possible, but we sure do. We’ve seen churches from completely different backgrounds, demographics, and denominations join forces, help each other, serve each other, and partner together to do big things for the Gospel. Not only is greater unity and partnership possible – it’s already happening. We’re just joining the movement.

Stuff You Can Use is our contribution to that movement of greater unity and partnership within the Body of Christ: a platform for the Church to share the very best of our ideas, tools, and resources for youth ministry.

Because we’re one Church. And we need each other.


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