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We do! We’re Kenny and Elle Campbell. We live in Buffalo, NY. We like each other, so we got married. Then we decided to do ministry together. And now life is extra fun.

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 We really like making new friends, so let’s connect!

When we’re not working on Stuff You Can Use, we also do Middle School Ministry at The Chapel… and we’re pretty sure we have the best jobs ever.



We know ministry is tough. It’s crazy, it’s busy, it’s draining, it’s hard, and we rarely have the time or the resources to accomplish everything we’d like to do. So it’s our hope that some of the ideas, resources, and tools you find here at Stuff You Can Use can make your life in ministry a little easier – without putting a strain on your budget.

Why? Because we think the Church needs a little help in the “unity” department.

We’re big believers in the fact that we are one Church, one Body, all called to join God on the same Mission. But we also know that we can only accomplish that mission when our churches and organizations decide to stop competing with each other, and start helping each other instead. 

We want to see the Church live up to Jesus’ vision – that we would be one. Some people might not think it’s possible, but we sure do. We’ve seen churches from completely different backgrounds, demographics, and denominations join forces, help each other, serve each other, and partner together to do big things for the Gospel. Not only is greater unity and partnership possible – it’s already happening. We’re just joining the movement.

Stuff You Can Use is our contribution to that movement of greater unity and partnership within the Body of Christ: a platform for the Church to share the very best of our ideas, tools, and resources for youth ministry.

Because we’re one Church. And we need each other.

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  1. Hey Kenny and Elle,

    This looks to be a GREAT resource and I’m excited to see what you will be featuring up here. Being part of a Middle School team with the same vision of reaching out to students, I would love to help share ideas and spread the word about this resource that you are establishing. Thanks for putting this together!


  2. I hope you know by now that I am the president of your fan club. this is amazing. thanks for taking the time to do it!

  3. I feel like a gold prospector mining for nuggets and hitting the mother rock! What a great site…thanks for your desire to impact and grow the Kingdom together. I’m as giddy as gr. 6 girl shaking hands with Edward and Justin Bieber :)

  4. Love your guys’ creativity, your kingdom-mindedness and your love for serving teens. This is so sweet!!! Keep up his great work!!!

  5. Pastor Martin SAmuel

    Am Martin Samuel, Youth pastor in Cameroon Africa. and founder and president of Faith Embassy http://www.facebook.com/faithembassy.org. i got to know about you and i would like to be part of you two.
    how do i go about it? Shalom

  6. Hey I would love to be able to access some of the resources on your site for my middle school youth group. How do I get an account. I see the place to log in, but not a place to sign up for an account to i can actually log in.

    • Hi Amy!

      All resources are available to anyone without an account. An account is created for you once you actually download a resource and the only reason you would ever need to log into your account is to see your download history.

      I hope that helps!


  7. Hey Kenny and Elle!

    I’ve just stumbled upon your site and fell like I’ve hit the jackpot!
    Just thought I’d say hi and thanks for all you do.

    (All the way from Brisbane, Australia!)

  8. Great information for youth ministries and everyone but if you can provide the information in Spanish it would be greatly appreciated. We have a large group of youth and leaders that mostly speak Spanish and the material would best be understood in their language. I understand that mostly or all are in English but I can volunteer to assist and translate along with my wife if needed. Thank you and may God Bless you and continue to be the role model for our future youth ministers.
    God Bless,

  9. I am trying to download the Make it or Break it video based game and every time I try to expand the file I am getting an error message. The message is saying the file does not exist. Any tips to make this work or is the game gone?

    Thanks and Stuff You Can Use rocks

  10. Kenny and Elle,

    Want to say thanks for following Jesus and being so generous. I pastor at Denver United Church in Denver, CO and your resources have been so helpful in the development of our student ministry! I’ll be at the Orange Conference in April, so maybe we could connect in person if you’re there. Praying big blessing over your marriage, life, and ministry!



  11. I would like to order the Volunteer Handbook, but your website is not secure for submitting a credit card number. Do you have an alternate way of payment?

    • Hi, sorry about that. For some reason our SSL got turned off on the checkout page. It is back up and running again.

  12. Hey guys, question. I downloaded a bunch of your free resources and for some reason when I go to unzip them they just change formats to cpgz and stay zipped and then upon doing it again go back to the original zip file. Any suggestions on this?

  13. We have been unable to open the file with the instructions for angry bird game. Can you help?

  14. I have made 6 attempts to open the angry birds game instructions file. My last attempt was just moments ago, I am still getting the same windows popping up saying file is invalid. I have reordered the file several times, waited for the email and I am still getting a file that is telling me invalid. I have also had our IT person look at it and he also could not open the file. Could you please let us know how to open this file. Thank you.

  15. Hi, yesterday I purchased ‘Up and Down’. I was able to down load a zip file. when i tried to open it, it was unavailable. The message I get is that the compressed folder is invalid. any ideas?

  16. Hey Guys, Flipping love this site and got lots of awesome stuff from it. FYI your cart link isn’t working right now!

  17. Love your information! I am having trouble downloading the SGL goals. I add to cart, then when i go to checkout, it says cart is empty. Help!

  18. Hi,

    We want to show all photos with hashtag: #smagløs

    I don’t think that the special character ‘ø’ works.. If we change the hashtag to (url encoded): #smagl%C3%B8s
    It works fine.. But the text in our slideshow is now #smagl%C3%B8s.

    Can you fix that? We already have an active subscription..

  19. HELP!! I placed an order, paid for it, and when I try to download it, it won’t let me. I have searched over and over for a phone number to call for help. I was able to open Mind Games, but not the others. This is ridiculous. I’ve been so excited about your material, but this lack of communication keeps me from recommending it.